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Corporate Wellness

Are your employees getting the top notch care they deserve? What action steps have you done to help alleviate stress in the workplace? Have you ever thought to treat your staff to massages? Let us design a plan to incorporate regular wellness and mindfulness, so that your team feels appreciated, refreshed and well taken care of. 

Let's create a wellness plan designed around customized massage. A massage day could be anywhere from 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute massages, depending on the time allowed and number of employees. This often becomes a favorite day for employees and something for them to look forward to during their work day. 

Comfortable clothes are encouraged on massage day. A massage table is used for a deeper relaxation experience. Blankets are provided if needed for warmth or added privacy. The office must have a space for the massage table that is at least semi-private. No tips are accepted from employees and payment arrangements are taken care of by the company. No form of payment will be taken from the staff during their massage day.

Some of the benefits of offering massage in the workplace ...

- Increases work performance

- Helps with creativity and mental clarity

- Incentive to new hires

- Reduces pain that is caused by stress and sitting at the computer for extended periods of time

- Encourages team morale and helps with creating a happier work environment

- Adds to the already awesome work culture you provide for your team

Please contact for current rates. Rates will be a flat rate per hour and never will we accept any form of payment or  gratuity from your staff members. We wish this to be an employee perk. 

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