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Last year I began my reiki 1 training with Olivia. Before I met her , I followed her on social media and was immediately enchanted by her mystique. When I found out she was holding Reiki trainings, I knew right away I wanted to take her course. Reiki 1 training turned out to be more magical than I ever expected, so sure enough I took Reiki 2 and a year later, took her Reiki master training in Sedona. Olivia has a unique way in which she holds space for her students. her curriculum flows fluidly and allows the students to feel completely involved. Her knowledge of crystals and integration of them makes the reiki healing and training even more powerful. I was blown away at our Reiki Masters retreat in Sedona. Each day was filled with not just training, but adventure and lots of soulful conversations. The Reiki Masters training was absolute bliss. Not only did I become well trained as a Reiki Master, but the moments that were shared were priceless and have left an eternal blueprint of compassionate love and magic. That said, I highly recommend Olivias Training's and retreats!


 - Rachel Garrett

It's true what they say - when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I felt called to do my reiki Masters training this year and soon after I made the decision, Olivia came into my life! And for that, I am so grateful! I couldn't have asked for anyone else to be my guide through my reiki journey and to do my master attunements. In the presence of Olivia you will feel completely safe, seen and held. Olivia created such a beautiful container during our Reiki Masters retreat. I was able to learn, heal, grow and deepen my practice during this time. Olivia has a pure heart and a commitment to the Reiki energy which clearly shows in the being she is. Attending the Reiki Masters Retreat was beyond what I could've imagined and so life changing! If you ever get a chance to receive a session or attend a training, do it! There is no doubt you too would have a profound experience!!


 - Lauren Cook

Olivia is truly a Master teacher with great spirituality, magic and compassion. She imparted knowledge and wisdom to us all in the group in a seemingly effortless and natural way. Her in depth course will teach you how to perform Reiki from a distance as well as how to use aspects of the Reiki energy healing, spiritual protection, manifestation and spiritual cleansing of spaces. After completing the Master course, I feel as if my Reiki journey has come full circle.


 - Lori Peltier

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